Welcome to my page. Enjoy some of my art while you find your way around. : )

My original Webseries: Fiend or Foe

Read my brand new webseries, Fiend or Foe that I update frequantly. 

Follow a group of unlikely friends as they navigate between the regular world and a world of kind, halloween classic monsters.

About me

Hello, My name is Sophie.

I am an aspiring animator from Ireland.

I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pen so it’s fair to say: I’ve got some experience!

A few years ago, i found out about digital art and bagan to dabble in it. I made a few short animations for YouTube that you can check out in the link below but my main frame is Instagram.

I draw and post digital art on Instagram all the time. I hope to make mine a household name among artists so join me!

Contact me via Instagram dm’s or through my gmail: